Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Time is a measurement, thus implying that time is constant and does not change.

Time is our slave, to be dealt with and organised as we wish or is dependent on our emotions and feelings at the time. When we have fun, we believe it to speed up. When we are bored or scared it will slow down and even stop.

Yet it is also our captor. We are ruled by it, we govern meetings with other people using it. When we do not have it with us on a holiday we feel free and laid back. If we lose track of it during our everyday we feel lost and annoyed. 

What is this thing we call time, it is a constant but is not. It is a small sound in the background, a circular object on the wall. It is always with us in our mind and in the sight of those 12 numbers hanging above our heads, always there, reminding us of its presence.

We name breaks after it; lunch times, break times, work times. Yet, as much as we know about it, we do not know it. Time defies it's pigeon holes that people put it in. The smart people can use science to explain it, yet they will never quite grasp it, it shall always elude, never be a constant so long as our minds allow it to enslave and serve us in its own elusive way.

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