Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Where do we stand in all that occurs?

Do we not wish to be at the centre, strive to be known and looked at by all, envy or look up to those who outshine us. For at the centre lies all that we desire, does it not? For in the centre of our universe lies happiness, joy, love, friendship, jealousy, greed, falseness, insincerity and other traps to line the way. But one cannot experience the pitfalls without enjoying the greatness of feeling loved and admired. 

Can the good outweigh the bad enough for us to still see the point in our ever steady strive for greatness; and what is to be done once we reach it, sit back on our laurels and enjoy the fruits of our labours or carry on our path, never to be outdone by others, always trying to beat the best, even if that is us?

What about the other people that are also trying to do the same, for in order for us to achieve we need others, do we help or heed? Are we selfless or selfish? Our conscience says that we must help others, yet our mind states that we must step on them now in order to succeed ourselves.

Is it best to be the selfless friend in the wings, behind the spotlight - always thought well of yet never seen as successful? Or be the successful person, well known and admired yet never alone or possessing true friendship, yet still having achieved the highest possible stature that you ever can?

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