Thursday, 3 May 2012


Ugh, you know when you're trying to figure out how you want something to go but you just can't get it no matter what? Yeah, I've been having that issue for a while now with my second chapter. However, not long ago, it happened - I had a moment of realisation that it wasn't what I was trying to get out that was stopping me but what I'd already put in that stopped me proceeding. So I am now going to make a few changes to my plans and make it so much better in my mind than how it was before posting anymore up so that I don't confuse you all!

I hope you can all forgive the wait, it doesn't help that I still haven't bothered to get Word or any equivalent up on my home computer so have to rely on my scruffy, crossed out, handwritten notes - which are a tad hard to decipher at times :S

Next update will happen soonish. Until then, please just bear with me :D

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